Buying Real Estate in Japan

Whether it is for your place to live or for your investment, buying real estate in Japan is more attractive than ever before.

Since the real estate bubble collapsed in early 90's, Japanese economy had been stagnant and there was a period so called "lost decade".

tokyo real estateHowever, in last several years, real estate prices finally started to recover and this led to the fact: some of the Chinese (investors) and institutional investors have rushed to buy the properties in some of the well-established areas in Japan.

Considering that the country still has the third largest economy in the world only next to the United States and China, along with the world's lowest mortgage rates and well-established law system in place, investing in Japan is considered to be very safe and attractive.

Y's Management consultancy, in cooperation of our reliable partner in Japan will help you find the best properties in Japan and do all the necessary paperwork based on your investment strategies.

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Properties for "Distress Sale"

Here is list of properties. On the list, we only have well-selected properties in established area of Japan.

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Investment Strategies

Not only we help you find the right properties and do the necessary paperwork, we can also provide several investment scenarios to maximize your investment possibilities and Tax benefits.

Though It's always easier to buy properties in cash, there is also a possibility of using leverage. Now that the mortgage rates in Japan are the lowest in the world, somewhere around 3.0%, why not taking advantages of it?

Please feel free to tell us about your needs. We will guide you to find best investment strategies.

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Property Management and Exit Strategy

We will provide comprehensive supports for your entire property investment period. Whether finding the tenants or maintaining/selling properties, or preparing for the tax filing, we will guide you to maximize your profits from investing in Japanese real estate.

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