Finding Japanese Manufacturers and Products

Toyota, Sony, Honda, Panasonic, etc… There are many large scale manufacturers in Japan. But who are providing parts and components for their cars and electronic products?

Those are the small/mid-sized companies that have exquisite skills and craftsmanship. Their precise work has made Japanese products very famous in the world.

However, lack of English ability makes it difficult for them to present their superb quality products to the consumers overseas. Therefore, for those who are interested in the quality Japanese products, it is very hard to find the right places to look for without knowing Japanese language.

So we will help you to find the right manufacturers and products that suit your needs.

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We can supply Japanese Cars from Japan

Co-operation with trusted Japanese car dealer/exporter, we supply Brand New RHD Japanese cars directory from Japan.

We can supply from all the Japanese car manufacturers and all options/colors are available, include without audio system.

We will be in production after placement of your order. it usually takes 1 - 1.5 month for production and a couple of weeks for shipping (depends on your destination).

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Visiting Tokyo and its Businesses

Whether you are on a business mission or observation trip for your investment, we can arrange the business meetings and provide a qualified guide from our reliable partners in Tokyo.

Please feel free to tell us about your needs.

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