Y's Management Consultancy FZE

Y's Management Consultancy is a Japanese consulting firm located in Dubai, UAE. We help establish all kinds of business relationships between Japan and the rest of the world. (Especially MENA region)

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We can supply Japanese Cars from Japan

Co-operation with trusted Japanese car dealer/exporter, we supply Brand New RHD Japanese cars directory from Japan.

We can supply from all the Japanese car manufacturers and all options/colors are available, include without audio system.

We will be in production after placement of your order. it usually takes 1 - 1.5 month for production and a couple of weeks for shipping (depends on your destination).

Please go to Japanese Cars/Products page to see the example of available vehicles from Japan market.

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Investing in Japanese Real Estate

Tokyo real estateBetween 1990 and 2005, the land prices in Japan plunged by as much as 70% in some areas. But in last few years, those prices have finally started to recover and interest among institutional investors is heating up again.

A country with the third largest economy in the world (only next to USA and China), along with the world's lowest mortgage rate, the Japanese real estate market is more attractive than ever.

We can help you find the best properties in Japan and do all the necessary paperwork based on your investment strategies.

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Business Matching

Many small/middle sized Japanese companies are looking for the business opportunities in the world. And they would like to have reliable partners/sponsors to start businesses.

However, in reality, the lack of English speaking staff and hesitation against the non-Japanese customs make it difficult for them to start business overseas.

Y's Management Consultancy can ease the culture gap, and start generating fruitful relationships between you and the Japanese companies.

If you are interested in any kinds of business related to Japan, please contact us, let's discuss about the possible business options.

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Japanese Products Exhibition

Many Japanese companies are looking for buyers of their products.

Here are the samples of items they would like to sell. Please have a look and feel free to contact us regarding the products.

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WEB Marketing towards Japanese Customers

If you want to sell something to Japanese consumers online, it is essential to create Ad marketing in Japanese language.

We will build up Google Adwords and Yahoo!/Overture Search Marketing especially for targeting Japanese people, as well as create Japanese websites and translate in Japanese.

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